Arrington Paving started with a strong man and a drive to support his family. Three sons later Kearney Arrington passed his booming business to his sons. Now, the youngest of the three brothers, Kevin Arrington, is the sole owner of Arrington Paving. We take just as much pride in our legacy as we do in our work. 

Meet Arrington Paving’s hard workers. 

Kevin Arrington, in the front all the way to the right. The sole owner of Arrington paving! He has been working in the industry for 37 years following in his fathers foot steps who started Arrington paving in 1955.

Johnny Richardson, to the left of Kevin. Johnny has been with us for 11 years. He is our office manager and is the best of the best. Always one step ahead of the game.

Benny Dillon, to the left of Johnny. He has been working with Arrington paving for 18 years now. He knows how to lead the group and has been a very hard and loyal worker throughout the years.

Zoee Arrington, the only girl in the middle. She is Kevin’s daughter and is taking over Arrington paving’s social media management!

Paul Dillon, to the left of Zoee. Paul has been working with us for an accumulation of 24 years. He truly is a great worker, and knows how to create a positive work environment.

Greg Underwood, to the left of Paul. He always goes above and beyond for his co-workers and Arrington paving as a whole. After 6 years with us we can truly say he is someone we can always count on.

Levi Arrington, to the left of Greg. Levi is always looking for ways to improve and better Arrington paving. He has been working with us for 12 years, He accepts challenges and is a natural leader.

*Not pictured

Kyle Arrington, Son of Kevin Arrington. He has been working with Arrington paving for an accumulation of 5 years. He is a very hard worker and we look forward to watching him grow with us.

Now that you have met Arrington paving’s greatest assets, we want to extend our gratitude to them. Everyday they come to work in the heat and continue to excel. After years of work they really do become like family! Thank you again for your constant and rewarding hard work.